Having a junk vehicle parked on your property is of course not fun, as they are ugly and dirty things that will be a great nuisance to both you and your neighbours. And, the worst part is that they pop up again and again on people’s back or front lawns. At this point of time, it is best that you call up your local Brisbane Auto Wreckers and let them deal with your old clunker.

But there are some of the important qualities that you must look for before choosing an auto wrecking outfit.

Make sure the company is reputable and professional

It is extremely important that you hire a company with good reputation. A responsive and dependable company will always focus on their client’s satisfaction. This will increase your chances of getting top quality services best rates.

You will just have to shop around a bit and look up for various auto wrecking outfits in your area. Also, remember to check out the customer feedback available on their website.

Brisbane Car Wreckers yards

Maximum Cash for Old Cars

When a vehicle stop working, it becomes very expensive to restore it into a good condition. This because you will need to replace its each and every defective component that can cost more than its actual value. But an experienced car wrecking will be very helpful in turning your useless piece of junk into top cash. They have the skills to utilize the scrap metal potential of junk machines. So ensure the highest possible value for all unwanted automobiles.

Ensure their services are helpful for the environment

The company you enlist for auto wrecking services should follow ecologically safe dismantling, recycling and disposal process. For this check out if they are properly certified and follow all measures to protect the environment from the harmful pollutants that leach out from damaged automobiles. Once you have finalized an outfit also go through the client reviews on their websites.

Dismantling all Commercial & heavy vehicles

A trustworthy and professional company will never turn their noses up whether the vehicle in question is a car, truck, Ute, van, SUV or 4WD. Also, they won’t care of it is being used for residential or commercial purposes. Since these people are expert in their business and know how to turn even a completely accidental automobile into a profitable deal.

Reliable and Safe pickup service

There are few things to consider before hiring right Car Removal Company. If you hire your local vehicle wrecking outfit, then you can certainly reap several benefits from their services. This includes free removal with no hidden fees and speedy pick up within 24 hours. The great thing about choosing a reliable company is that they will also pay you on the spot cash before taking away your Junker.

Obligation free Quotations

This is perhaps the most important quality to look for when choosing a scrap car removal outfit. The outfit must offer completely obligation free cash quotes, when you have provided all your auto details to them. The best wrecking outfit won’t charge you even a single dollar for requesting cash quotes. Sell your car for the top dollars in Brisbane & enjoy hassle free removal services.

This will give you an advantage to contact multiple companies in your area and come up with the best cash for your automobile.

When your beloved vehicle gets worn-out or stop working properly, it becomes hard to deal with it. As all of us get attached to our automobiles. You may even think of repairing and restoring it into a good shape. But the process would be quite expensive and lengthy, as your vehicle might be too scratched or old.

So it will be best to think about putting your old machine to rest and find a new and more reliable automobile. But the people who may be willing to buy it won’t be a large in number. Hence the best possible option is selling the whole thing to Wellington Car Wreckers. It is perhaps the most profitable avenue to get some good money back from your dead auto. However, the profit may not be as high as what you will get by stripping and scrapping it on your own.


But if you choose this option, despite the fact that it is time-consuming and involves a lot of fuss. You will need a good knowledge of automobiles and the required tools. The following are some of the best money making secrets of the vehicle junk yards:

1) Identify and understand the cause of death

Regardless of what turns your vehicle into an old clunker, you will need to understand its cause of death. For this you will have to take it to a knowledgeable mechanic and have it closely inspected, so as to know whether or not your car is not repairable or inoperable.

If it is not working because of a specific damaged component, then obviously you won’t be able to sell that particular component. Of course, you can’t sell damaged goods. But there may be plenty of other useful parts as well that can be sold for great value.

2) Sell the source of power

The main source of power in a vehicle is battery which is fairly is easy to locate and extract and even easier to sell. But the best thing of all is that auto scrap yards are happy to purchase even a dead battery. And, in case if your vehicle is perfectly running despite being broken, then you can sell its battery at eBay. As there is no shortage of auto owners searching the internet looking for a replacement battery? All, you need to determine, how to tell when a car has become junk.

The fuels used in automobiles are also a good source of power and can be highly hazardous, if left in it. If you have a dead automobile with a full tank of diesel or petrol, then you can make a good profit by selling it, instead of simply draining it. Alternatively, you can also store it carefully in a sealed container and use it later on in your other vehicle.

3) Locate and Remove the basic components

This is where you can turn your old, scrap vehicle into a remunerative deal. You can strip it down and sell off the useful parts. For instance, if your tyres are not overly worn-out, you can probably make a good amount of money by selling them. However, if you have worn-out tyres, don’t worry. You can still sell them for a fair cash to a tyre dealership to be recycled. Crafts shop also look for used or worn down tyres and buy them to recycle and reuse to manufacture various products.

In addition to this, components such as radio or stereo system, seats, gearstick, seat covers, steering wheels and windscreen wipers can be also sold pretty quickly online and for a fair amount of money. However, if you are unsure about the worth of the useful items in your automobile. Make sure to do a little research.

4) Dismantle and Strip it down

After selling all the useful components extracted from the automobile, strip down the whole vehicle. Make sure to remove and save the undamaged parts like panels, doors, boot, etc. This will be a good option, especially, if your auto is in a good shape or not covered with rust. As people often look to replace their banged, bumped or scratched parts rather than repairing them. Check out how to dismantle a car.

The wiring used to link all the components in automobiles have great demand in various industries and can be also sold quickly. Thus, make sure not to damage the wiring while stripping and scrapping your junk machine. The valuable metal in your vehicle can be salvaged and sold to metal recycling industries who will usually offer you the best possible price for it. A good working engine also tends to sell quickly, so have a look at local auto classifieds or websites, to search the best deal for it. Choose a buyer who would come and collect it, this will save your shipping expenses. However, if you are shipping any item. Ensure to know its weight and size, as it will help you to deal with the transportation expenses effectively. Also, if the used car tyres and wheels are in good condition then you can get the most of it.

When selling the components online, take your time and make sure to take attractive photos. The prospective buyer will want to buy the items only if they are satisfied with their condition. Therefore, consult a mechanic as well as do a little research when listing the components online for sale. Be sure that the component you are selling is in a good working order otherwise the buyer may trouble you with false advertising claims.

We all have seen houses with scrap, junk or damaged vehicles parked in the driveway or lawn. This not only gives an unpleasant sight to look at, but also harm the environment and its surroundings. Consequently, having an old useless piece of junk parked on your property is not at all a smart thing, particularly when there are auto wrecking outfits operating in every suburb of the Perth. Majority of Car Wreckers in Perth crews are experts in removing, wrecking and recycling all types of unwanted vehicles and also pay good cash for them.

Therefore, if you live anywhere in Western Australia and planning to get rid of your old clunker as quickly as possible. Contacting Perth auto dismantlers and disposal experts will prove to be your best bet. They are not only recognised for fast, safe and smooth car removal services. But .also for providing the highest cash payments before collection.

When it comes to selling your old or broken car. You need to hire a service that is trustworthy and dependable. As there are many auto wrecking outfits that are not properly registered with the government and don’t follow effective measures to dispose junk vehicles in an eco-friendly manner. So, when hiring a car wrecking company ensure that they are fully certified and follow green procedures to deal with all types of undesirable vehicles.


In this post, we have given 3 strong reasons to sell your scrap car to the reputed Perth based auto wreckers will prove to be the best deal:

Helpful for the environment

Most of the junk auto owners are often concerned about what happen to their vehicles, when they are towed away to the junkyards. All you need to find out how to dispose your car for the best cash price in Perth.

However, if you choose a reputable car wrecking business, you can have full peace of mind that they will recycle and dispose your automobile safely. Not just this. They also dismantle and extract all the useful parts of the unwanted automobiles and re-use them to put other vehicles in good working order.

Top Cash for old Cars

Since auto wreckers have the skills and expertise to turn old or unwanted vehicles in a lucrative deal. They shell out lots of cash for all types of junk vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, utes, SUVs and 4WDs. This means no matter what make, model or brand you have, with the help of wreckers you can turn it into best cash without investing your time and effort. Check out more at how much Perth Auto Wreckers can pay for your junk vehicle.

Their expert evaluators pay the best possible and fair quotes for all vehicles. And, when you will compare their quotes with the actual worth of your automobile, you will realise it yourself.

Free, smooth and time-saving

Selling an old vehicle individually is obviously not a piece of cake. As it is very time-consuming and need great efforts to promote your vehicle’s sale and find correct buyer for it. But selling your automobile to vehicle wreckers will be completely fuss-free and effortless. They will remove your automobile without charging even a single cent.

Furthermore, they will also arrange all the paperwork which is a fairly intimidating task while selling an automobile. Also, availing their excellent services is as simple as filling out their form or giving them a call. And, when you will provide all the relevant details of your auto. They will provide you a free and no obligation cash quote. Thus, with their help, you can turn your old clunker in useful money by just sitting at your home.

Are you planning to replace your old vehicle with a new one? Do you want to dispose it off? Then you should contact Auto Wreckers in your region today. The cash for cars companies anatomized old automobiles professionally. Although it is a very complicated task to wreck down an old vehicle, but these companies do it with great perfection.

They dismantle the old or unwanted automobiles and then remove their components which are still working. Not only this they recycle these parts to reuse and resell them at good value. The best part is that they do all this through hassle-free ways, so as not to harm the environment.


If you still have any doubts about their services, then you need to understand and learn about them more briefly. Here, take a look at some of the best advantages of Cash for Car firms.

Benefits of Hiring Auto Wreckers


  • It is less time-consuming

Are you looking for second hand car parts at cheap prices? Then you should approach Auto wreckers. These companies stock a wide range of second hand car parts and sell them at affordable prices. You can easily get any used spare part by visiting their junk yards, such as batteries, headlights, dashboard or windscreen wiper etc.

What actually happens is, after dismantling the vehicles they extract parts which are still working. They recycle them and sell them at discounted prices.

  • Environmentally-friendly

This is the most important benefit of selling your wheels to Auto removal companies. When scrap or old automobiles are left on open plots or landfills, they start releasing toxic pollutants into the surroundings. Auto Dismantlers save environment from this hazardous pollutant. They dispose junk or unwanted automobiles in greenest and cleanest manner, while extracting the recyclable parts. For instance, rubber removed from the tyres can be utilized in the manufacture of ground mats, gas pedals etc.

  • Empty your carport/driveway

If you have an old automobile parked in your driveway or carport, then it may be your major concern to get rid of it.  All you have to do is just contact your nearest Auto Dismantlers and get it removed. They will recycle your vehicle through eco-friendly ways.

Still having problem in searching a superior Cash for Car Company?

Take a look at the below listed points:

1) Before selling your vehicle to an auto removal specialist, make sure to inquire about its reliability. To verify its reliability go through the past client reviews on its website. Also check that the company is well-authorized.

2) Make sure to inquire about the services they offer before handing them your wheels. Inquire them if they haul vehicles at extra cost or for free of cost.

3) When buying a second hand spare parts from these companies, verify that it is working properly or not. Also ask if they offer any warranty on used parts.

4) Don’t forget to inquire the ways in which they dispose old vehicles. Make sure they discard vehicles while helping the environment.

5) It is always advisable to ask your friends and family before hiring vehicle removal services. You can also take suggestions from an expert auto trader in your area.


Many people feel reluctant in selling their old junk vehicles to scrap yards. This is usually because they think it is a worthless old piece of junk. But it is not so, even salvaged vehicles can fetch you a good amount of money when dismantled.

Before selling your junk wheels to a salvage yard, you might be thinking – What is the value of my junk car? So, let us go through some key points which help in determining the cash for junk cars.


It’s the quantity of steel that matters

Junk car value immensely depends upon the quantity of steel metal it has. According to a survey, of about million tons of steel metal is scrapped and recycled from scrap vehicles annually.

Scrap Dismantlers at junk yards dismantle the scrap vehicles to extract steel metal from them. They get much of it from the automobile’s structure or body, its ceiling and from other small and major parts like safety belts, doors, panels, trunks and hoods.

However, since last few years steel metal prices are dropping due to fluctuations in its demand. But vehicle steel is always considered important in recycling, even its prices keeps on fluctuating. Recycled steel can be put to several uses other than in manufacturing of used spare parts. Just to list its few uses-

  • It can be used as construction material in the construction of buildings.
  • In manufacturing metallic cans or containers, furnaces, elevators etc.
  • In manufacturing of several household appliances.
  • It is also reused in the construction of fire resistant doors.

Essential facts about Car Batteries

Auto Dismantlers pull some parts including battery and recycle them. Battery is the most commonly recycled part of the automobile. It is vital to recycle car batteries in order to ensure that toxic materials like lead don’t end up polluting the environment.

As for the sulfuric acid present in the battery, it can be processed to manufacture sodium sulfate, which is useful in making textiles, laundry detergents and glass. It can be also turned into water after neutralising and then carefully drained into public sewer systems.


Disposing the Catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is used in automobiles to control emissions of harmful and toxic gases. Vehicle recyclers usually use scrap cars catalytic converters to gather PGMs (platinum group metals) that are platinum, palladium and rhodium.

These metals are of much importance and value as they are very precious and rare. Some of their uses are:

  • Platinum is used in the making jewelry, electrodes and dental instruments.
  • Palladium is used in manufacturing fuel cells.
  • Rhodium is reused in manufacturing new catalytic converters.

A different outlook

Even if your automobile is a Junker, it is of much value. Recycling of junk vehicles reduces both air and water pollution. Using recycled scrap metals limits down the need to refine iron ores to convert it into steel.

It also minimizes both air and water pollution, thereby protecting the environment from greenhouse effects. It also helps in conserving water bodies, by preventing drainage of harmful fluids into them.

We hope that now you will be able to estimate a fair value of your scrap automobiles. Find your local Melbourne Auto Wreckers and get the worth of unwanted Junkers today.