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How could I find the value of my junk car?

Many people feel reluctant in selling their old junk vehicles to scrap yards. This is usually because they think it is a worthless old piece of junk. But it is not so, even salvaged vehicles can fetch you a good amount of money when dismantled.

Before selling your junk wheels to a salvage yard, you might be thinking – What is the value of my junk car? So, let us go through some key points which help in determining the cash for junk cars.


It’s the quantity of steel that matters

Junk car value immensely depends upon the quantity of steel metal it has. According to a survey, of about million tons of steel metal is scrapped and recycled from scrap vehicles annually.

Scrap Dismantlers at junk yards dismantle the scrap vehicles to extract steel metal from them. They get much of it from the automobile’s structure or body, its ceiling and from other small and major parts like safety belts, doors, panels, trunks and hoods.

However, since last few years steel metal prices are dropping due to fluctuations in its demand. But vehicle steel is always considered important in recycling, even its prices keeps on fluctuating. Recycled steel can be put to several uses other than in manufacturing of used spare parts. Just to list its few uses-

  • It can be used as construction material in the construction of buildings.
  • In manufacturing metallic cans or containers, furnaces, elevators etc.
  • In manufacturing of several household appliances.
  • It is also reused in the construction of fire resistant doors.

Essential facts about Car Batteries

Auto Dismantlers pull some parts including battery and recycle them. Battery is the most commonly recycled part of the automobile. It is vital to recycle car batteries in order to ensure that toxic materials like lead don’t end up polluting the environment.

As for the sulfuric acid present in the battery, it can be processed to manufacture sodium sulfate, which is useful in making textiles, laundry detergents and glass. It can be also turned into water after neutralising and then carefully drained into public sewer systems.


Disposing the Catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is used in automobiles to control emissions of harmful and toxic gases. Vehicle recyclers usually use scrap cars catalytic converters to gather PGMs (platinum group metals) that are platinum, palladium and rhodium.

These metals are of much importance and value as they are very precious and rare. Some of their uses are:

  • Platinum is used in the making jewelry, electrodes and dental instruments.
  • Palladium is used in manufacturing fuel cells.
  • Rhodium is reused in manufacturing new catalytic converters.

A different outlook

Even if your automobile is a Junker, it is of much value. Recycling of junk vehicles reduces both air and water pollution. Using recycled scrap metals limits down the need to refine iron ores to convert it into steel.

It also minimizes both air and water pollution, thereby protecting the environment from happy fortune greenhouse effects. It also helps in conserving water bodies, by preventing drainage of harmful fluids into them.

We hope that now you will be able to estimate a fair value of your scrap automobiles. Find your local Melbourne Auto Wreckers and get the worth of unwanted Junkers today.

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