Are you planning to replace your old vehicle with a new one? Do you want to dispose it off? Then you should contact Auto Wreckers in your region today. The cash for cars companies anatomized old automobiles professionally. Although it is a very complicated task to wreck down an old vehicle, but these companies do it with great perfection.

They dismantle the old or unwanted automobiles and then remove their components which are still working. Not only this they recycle these parts to reuse and resell them at good value. The best part is that they do all this through hassle-free ways, so as not to harm the environment.


If you still have any doubts about their services, then you need to understand and learn about them more briefly. Here, take a look at some of the best advantages of Cash for Car firms.

Benefits of Hiring Auto Wreckers


  • It is less time-consuming

Are you looking for second hand car parts at cheap prices? Then you should approach Auto wreckers. These companies stock a wide range of second hand car parts and sell them at affordable prices. You can easily get any used spare part by visiting their junk yards, such as batteries, headlights, dashboard or windscreen wiper etc.

What actually happens is, after dismantling the vehicles they extract parts which are still working. They recycle them and sell them at discounted prices.

  • Environmentally-friendly

This is the most important benefit of selling your wheels to Auto removal companies. When scrap or old automobiles are left on open plots or landfills, they start releasing toxic pollutants into the surroundings. Auto Dismantlers save environment from this hazardous pollutant. They dispose junk or unwanted automobiles in greenest and cleanest manner, while extracting the recyclable parts. For instance, rubber removed from the tyres can be utilized in the manufacture of ground mats, gas pedals etc.

  • Empty your carport/driveway

If you have an old automobile parked in your driveway or carport, then it may be your major concern to get rid of it.  All you have to do is just contact your nearest Auto Dismantlers and get it removed. They will recycle your vehicle through eco-friendly ways.

Still having problem in searching a superior Cash for Car Company?

Take a look at the below listed points:

1) Before selling your vehicle to an auto removal specialist, make sure to inquire about its reliability. To verify its reliability go through the past client reviews on its website. Also check that the company is well-authorized.

2) Make sure to inquire about the services they offer before handing them your wheels. Inquire them if they haul vehicles at extra cost or for free of cost.

3) When buying a second hand spare parts from these companies, verify that it is working properly or not. Also ask if they offer any warranty on used parts.

4) Don’t forget to inquire the ways in which they dispose old vehicles. Make sure they discard vehicles while helping the environment.

5) It is always advisable to ask your friends and family before hiring vehicle removal services. You can also take suggestions from an expert auto trader in your area.


Many people feel reluctant in selling their old junk vehicles to scrap yards. This is usually because they think it is a worthless old piece of junk. But it is not so, even salvaged vehicles can fetch you a good amount of money when dismantled.

Before selling your junk wheels to a salvage yard, you might be thinking – What is the value of my junk car? So, let us go through some key points which help in determining the cash for junk cars.


It’s the quantity of steel that matters

Junk car value immensely depends upon the quantity of steel metal it has. According to a survey, of about million tons of steel metal is scrapped and recycled from scrap vehicles annually.

Scrap Dismantlers at junk yards dismantle the scrap vehicles to extract steel metal from them. They get much of it from the automobile’s structure or body, its ceiling and from other small and major parts like safety belts, doors, panels, trunks and hoods.

However, since last few years steel metal prices are dropping due to fluctuations in its demand. But vehicle steel is always considered important in recycling, even its prices keeps on fluctuating. Recycled steel can be put to several uses other than in manufacturing of used spare parts. Just to list its few uses-

  • It can be used as construction material in the construction of buildings.
  • In manufacturing metallic cans or containers, furnaces, elevators etc.
  • In manufacturing of several household appliances.
  • It is also reused in the construction of fire resistant doors.

Essential facts about Car Batteries

Auto Dismantlers pull some parts including battery and recycle them. Battery is the most commonly recycled part of the automobile. It is vital to recycle car batteries in order to ensure that toxic materials like lead don’t end up polluting the environment.

As for the sulfuric acid present in the battery, it can be processed to manufacture sodium sulfate, which is useful in making textiles, laundry detergents and glass. It can be also turned into water after neutralising and then carefully drained into public sewer systems.


Disposing the Catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is used in automobiles to control emissions of harmful and toxic gases. Vehicle recyclers usually use scrap cars catalytic converters to gather PGMs (platinum group metals) that are platinum, palladium and rhodium.

These metals are of much importance and value as they are very precious and rare. Some of their uses are:

  • Platinum is used in the making jewelry, electrodes and dental instruments.
  • Palladium is used in manufacturing fuel cells.
  • Rhodium is reused in manufacturing new catalytic converters.

A different outlook

Even if your automobile is a Junker, it is of much value. Recycling of junk vehicles reduces both air and water pollution. Using recycled scrap metals limits down the need to refine iron ores to convert it into steel.

It also minimizes both air and water pollution, thereby protecting the environment from greenhouse effects. It also helps in conserving water bodies, by preventing drainage of harmful fluids into them.

We hope that now you will be able to estimate a fair value of your scrap automobiles. Find your local Melbourne Auto Wreckers and get the worth of unwanted Junkers today.

Do you currently own a junk car that is ruining up the valuable space on your property? If so, then you might be quite eager to get rid of it. This is obvious, as who would love to keep an old clunker which can decrease the beauty of their back lawn.

You maybe also know that the decent way to dispose a junk automobile is to have it removed by Auto Wreckers. These are the people who take the junk cars for cash and then tow it away to their scrap yards for recycling purpose. Find your local Sydney Wreckers and sort out your Junkers for decent cash.

On the top of that, Auto Dismantlers are also a great place to buy affordable and quality used auto parts. These companies hold giant inventory of used spare parts which are removed from salvaged vehicles that they buy and then recycled to resale. This is another good reason to contact them if you are need of second hand parts to fix up your vehicle in order to keep it running on the roads.


Your next possible step will be to search for auto wreckers in your area. And, of course you will find plenty of them. But if you want to choose an auto dismantling company that offers reliable services without any hassles, you must know the correct ways to find one.

Here, take a look at some of our simple tips that will help you to hire a dependable auto wrecking company:


Check if they have an online inventory

As nowadays most of the people value their time, it is of great convenience if one is being able to access an online range of stock of the company they are dealing with. This way you can easily check whether the company has the part you are looking for or not. And if you didn’t find one you can move on to the next company.

Free auto pickups or removals

Auto salvage yards are the best place to sell your junk wheels too, as they recycle trash vehicles carefully. Even if the vehicle is not running as it may have reached the end of its life, one won’t have to worry. This is because most of these companies offer free auto pickups or removals. They will come to your given place, inspect the automobile and will haul it away for free. Thereby, saving you the expenses of doing so.

Sell used parts to guarantee

This is perhaps the best reason to choose these companies when it comes to buying second hand auto parts. They offer used parts covered under warranty.

Maximum cash for cars, trucks, vans, Utes & 4WD’s

Client satisfaction is top priority for all the Auto pickup companies. This is why they ensure complete satisfaction to their customers and pay ready cash at the time of removal. When choosing a junk removal company, make sure you are getting efficient and top-rated service. Also make sure to get cash quotes from several companies so that you can easily find the best cash offer for your old Junker.

If you live anywhere in Australia and looking for reputable auto wreckers, always look for the local providers. There are so many trustworthy and responsive team of professional wrecking specialist’s available.

Everything on the planet is constantly undergoing the deterioration process known as aging. Some things age slower than others, but at the end of the day the results are the same. And when you add humanity to the equation, age invariably equals less monetary value.

How does this apply to junk vehicles? They are already old and useless, so it really shouldn’t matter when you sell it to the local Car Removal Company, right? Wrong. It really is important to get that car off to the scrap yard as soon as possible. We all procrastinate from time to time, it’s a completely normal human response to having deadlines. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a bad habit. Here are three ways this bad habit can negatively impact the value of your junk car when it comes time to have it assessed by a cash for cars company representative.

cash for cars Brisbane

Sunlight makes paint age at a much quicker rate

When you sell your junk vehicle to a Car Removal company, the amount they pay you is based partly on how many parts they can salvage for resale, and the condition of those parts is important. If they are components that are on display, such as doors, the hood and the truck, it makes sense that the better they look the more they will be worth.

One variable that affects the appearance of said components is exposure to sunlight. Sunlight degrades pain, slowly but surely. So if you have a junk car, it is likely out in the open unless you have a huge garage that can accommodate the car that runs as well as the junk car. The longer it sits outside, the less its value will be. If you want to get top cash for it you need to sell it now.

Tyres Are Also Damaged By the Sun

There is a specific form of tyre degradation known as Weather Cracking, and it is the scourge of the tyre world, causing hairline cracks that slowly grow, completely compromising the integrity of the tyre and making it more likely to have a blowout. The sun is the main culprit.

If your junk vehicle is currently residing on your back lawn, killing the grass and leaching chemicals into the soil, you best know that the tyres are slowly deteriorating, making them less valuable with each passing day. You could be selling them now and making a wee bit of cash.

The older it gets, the cheaper it gets

It will probably always be able to make a few hundred dollars as scrap metal, but the sooner you get it off the back yard and into the junk yard, the more money you can get for it. This is because the inevitable rust and sun damage will make it deteriorate to the point where nothing on it can be re-used and the whole thing will be useless. You don’t want this, and neither does your wallet.

So do yourself a huge favour and contact your local car removal company in Brisbane, Qld. And as an added bonus, you will have more room outside for the children to play. Everyone wins!

Find your local Perth Auto Wreckers and scrap your junk vehicles for good reason.