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Three Reasons Why You Should Scrap Your Junk Car Today and Not Tomorrow

Everything on the planet is constantly undergoing the deterioration process known as aging. Some things age slower than others, but at the end of the day the results are the same. And when you add humanity to the equation, age invariably equals less monetary value.

How does this apply to junk vehicles? They are already old and useless, so it really shouldn’t matter when you sell it to the local Car Removal Company, right? Wrong. It really is important to get that car off to the scrap yard as soon as possible. We all procrastinate from time to time, it’s a completely normal human response to having deadlines. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a bad habit. Here are three ways this bad habit can negatively impact the value of your junk car when it comes time to have it assessed by a cash for cars company representative.

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Sunlight makes paint age at a much quicker rate

When you sell your junk vehicle to a Car Removal company, the amount they pay you is based partly on how many parts they can salvage for resale, and the condition of those parts is important. If they are components that are on display, such as doors, the hood and the truck, it makes sense that the better they look the more they will be worth.

One variable that affects the appearance of said components is exposure to sunlight. Sunlight degrades pain, slowly but surely. So if you have a junk car, it is likely out in the open unless you have a huge garage that can accommodate the car that runs as well as the junk car. The longer it sits outside, the less its value will be. If you want to get top cash for it you need to sell it now.

Tyres Are Also Damaged By the Sun

There is a specific form of tyre degradation known as Weather Cracking, and it is the scourge of the tyre world, causing hairline cracks that slowly grow, completely compromising the integrity of the tyre and making it more likely to have a blowout. The sun is the main culprit.

If your junk vehicle is currently residing on your back lawn, killing the grass and leaching chemicals into the soil, you best know that the tyres are slowly deteriorating, making them less valuable with each passing day. You could be selling them now and making a wee bit of cash.

The older it gets, the cheaper it gets

It will probably always be able to make a few hundred dollars as scrap metal, but the sooner you get it off the back yard and into the junk yard, the more money you can get for it. This is because the inevitable rust and sun damage will make it deteriorate to the point where nothing on it can be re-used and the whole thing will be useless. You don’t want this, and neither does your wallet.

So do yourself a huge favour and contact your local car removal company in Brisbane, Qld. And as an added bonus, you will have more room outside for the children to play. Everyone wins!

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