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Southport Cash for Cars

Southport Cash for Cars – Get an immediate quote for Your Unwanted Car Right in Southport


Why should you waste money, time and patience with an old car that is already trash? Southport Cash for Cars take your automobile and give it a new chance of being useful again. Our policy works its magic every day as we have hundreds of satisfied customers taking advantage of the best offer any Southport company could make.You don’t have to worry about your car’s condition. It doesn’t matter if it’s still in a working condition or basically torn apart and utterly useless. Our cash for cars program will make sure you get the best deal in the branch.You could own a machine having a disastrous impact on the environment. It may leak fuel or have an enormous amount of exhaust releasing in the air, which will poison not only the atmosphere but also you and those around you.

Southport Cash for Cars are different to the rest for two major reasons. The benefit to you is that we pay more than the other guys, we have found that it’s much better business to pay more for the car and make less on the exchange because in the long run we keep our customer happy and the word gets around.

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Our transactions are secure, personalized to specific criteria. Therefore, when you call us, you will deal with only John and Shaun whom are the proud proprietors of the business. John and Shaun will provide you with, professional, friendly and hassle-free experience throughout the whole process of buying or selling a car with us.

We are capable of buy any used or new car in Southport on daily and regular basis. We can buy cars from any geographical position in Queensland including Toowoomba, Ipswich, Brisbane, Sunshine coast. Cash for Cars Gold Coast have been selling and buying cars for over 20 years in Queensland with thousands of clients satisfied with our transaction. We are always on the look-out to buy late model used cars that are in decent shape or any other type for that matter.


Southport Cash for Cars + Free Towing

Hassle free friendly family-style service.

1. We buy scrap cars for recycling.
2. Get paid cash on the spot
3. We pay the GST fee, not you.
4. We absorb the scrap recycling fee and carbon tax, not you.
5. We pay cash for any scrap cars, vans, utes, machinery and trucks.

• Free car removal service
• Unwanted scrap cars
• Cash for car removal or free
• Damaged car removal

Southport Cash for Cars are based in south Brisbane, also servicing all suburbs in the metro area’s. We are also a towing service and can organize towing 24/7. Don’t let just anybody remove your car, we are the specialists since 1990.

Want to Sell Your Vehicle?


Is the best way to sell your vehicle the quickest sale?  One that doesn’t require you to repair your vehicle?   offers the best price?  One that doesn’t require you to meet with buyers?  Taking them on test drives?  Haggling over price?  Maybe one that combines all these aspects in selling your vehicle like you’ll get from Active?  Then, Southport Cash for Cars are the ones to call.  We are a car buyer that is fully licensed, bonded and insured and one that doesn’t waste time.  Whether you simply want to get a cash quote on your vehicle, want to sell your vehicle today, or schedule for a free car removal and cash for cars payment for a week or two out from now, call us.  We will buy your vehicle of any condition:

Used car, scrap car, wrecked car, accident car, high mileage car, low mileage car, flooded car, fire car, salvage car, junk car, damaged car, mechanical problems car, body damaged car, engine damaged car, unwanted car, rusted car, etc.

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