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Subaru Wreckers Brisbane

Subaru Wreckers Brisbane are the largest wreckers in Queensland an we can even help with those harder to find spare parts such as seats, internal trims, electrics and more. If you need a spare for your Subaru contact Subaru Wreckers Brisbane today on 08 9527 3663

Call Subaru Second hand Car parts now. Why pay full price for a brand new parts when you can get good quality used car parts for a fraction of the cost! All second hand car parts are checked and are good quality and very reasonable price.

Subaru Used Parts – Liberty – Impreza – Forester – Legacy…

Subaru Wreckers Brisbane have a wide range of Subaru car parts. To check availability of a specific part You Looking for Call our car parts specialist team on  0408 616 667 or fill out the form on the right side of your receive a quote today.

At Subaru Wreckers Brisbane, we wreck all makes and models including 4×4’s, trucks and other vehicles. For our other services please take a look at these pages according to your preferences. We cater to all industries and whatever size vehicle. It is simple, you need quick cash for your car and we are a service who simply offers you that top dollar.

Subaru Wreckers Brisbane is Dismantling:

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Cuts:  Front Cuts – Nose Cuts –  Rear Cuts.

Mechanical Parts:  Engines – Gearboxes Transmission – Control Arms – Diffs.

Panels: Guards – Bonnets – Bumpers – Spoilers – Mirrors – Door Handles.

Electrical: Stater Motors – Alternators – Combo Switch – CD Players.



Why it’s good for the environment to recycle car parts

Subaru Wreckers Brisbane are Parts Specialist in Subaru let us know what Parts you are looking for and We Can help you with that. We Also Pay Top Cash for All make & Model vehicle Dead or Alive  0408 616 667 any Conditions Car, Van, Ute & Trucks Wanted for cash today, Subaru Wreckers Brisbane will also give you free of charge removal and Cash $$$$ on the spot today.

Widest range of parts for all Subaru models: Subaru Wreckers Brisbane supplies used and some new parts for Subaru cars from 1985 to the latest models. We supply parts for Subaru Forester,Subaru Impreza, Subaru Legacy, Subaru Outback, Subaru SVX, Subaru R2, Subaru Ace, Subaru Justy, Subaru Trafiq and most other Subaru models.

Recycling car parts conserves resources such as oil, steel and aluminium – the base materials for most automotive parts.It’s good to recycle car parts because:

  1. Recycling car parts helps reduce greenhouse gasses caused by the manufacturing of new products from raw materials.
  2. Every old car removed from Queensland’s roads helps to keep our air cleaner.
  3. Using a professional Subaru dismantle such as Subaru Wreckers Brisbane means that less waste oil, anti-freeze and other contaminants will be spilled or released into the environment
  4. Used car parts fit and perform just as the manufacturer demanded, and they are 100% correct for your car because they are recycled genuine parts!

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